Bitkom: European Strategy for Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility


The European Commission will present its strategy for intelligent and sustainable mobility in December. Against this background, the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media bitkom recently published a position paper in which the association welcomes the Commission's initiative and emphasizes that the future of transport and mobility is digital and green. In order to achieve a fair, sustainable and intelligent transport system, the task at hand is to create a data-driven European mobility ecosystem that involves all relevant stakeholders. Such an ecosystem should not be based on a single platform, but on the interaction and exchange of several platforms.

In its position paper, bitkom names three key points for a functioning ecosystem:

  • (a) Recognition of the distinction between goods and passenger traffic;

  • (b) Use and simplification of the already existing legal framework; and

  • (c) Digitization and networking of all modes of transport and infrastructures (i.e. multi- /intermodality).

On the last point, bitkom also emphasizes once again the preservation of technological neutrality.


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