Council Presidency

The first Romanian Presidency ended on 30 June. Despite previous criticism, Romania was issued with a largely excellent certificate. Among the important legislative acts concluded under the Romanian Presidency, the achievements in the area of banking union, improvement of labour and social rights, decarbonisation of transport and further strengthening of digital Europe were praised. In particular, the new CO2 emission standards negotiated and adopted under the Romanian Presidency are considered a success for the Romanian Presidency. Finland has held the Presidency since 1 July. The Finnish programme identifies emission reduction and digitisation as priorities in the transport sector. In addition to the projects not yet completed (in particular the harmonisation of tolling systems), the Finnish Presidency intends to concentrate on the "development of highquality digital services and the promotion of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), well-functioning transport networks and carbon-free transport.” Digitisation and automation will also be promoted.


More information about Finland's presidency of the Council of the European Union available at <>, see in particular Finland's programme Sustainable Europe, Sustainable Future.

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