Follow, share and support #ProjectEDWARD 2019

26 September 2019 European Day Without A Road Death

As signatory of the European Road Safety Charter, the European Autmobile Clubs asbl is pleased support #ProjectEDWARD, which was initiated by the European Traffic Police Network TISPOL. Project EDWARD aims at reducing the tragic death toll on the roads of Europe.

Undoubtedly social media provide an important and effective way to raise the necessary attention for and awareness of this vital issue. From 1-26 September 2019, the EAC will therefore be joining the initiative's social media campaign to increase the reach of the project.

Follow #ProjectEDWARD on the social media channels of the EAC

and share the traffic safety related content within your network. Get the valuable insights into the 'evergreen' yet cutting-edge issues of road safety.

Let us work together to make the roads inside and outside Europe safer! The EAC has already made its #ProjectEDWARD pledge 2019 here: Join us!

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