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European Automobile Clubs & eFuel Alliance: Together for Climate Protection

With their respective membership, European Automobile Clubs and the eFuel Alliance welcome each other as new members.

eFuels are made from hydrogen and a CO2 source. If renewable electricity and a sustainable CO2 source are used. Unlike conventional fuels, eFuels do not release any additional CO2, but are climate-neutral in their overall balance.

In the effort to enable mobility without fossil fuels, climate-neutrally produced synthetic fuels, especially eFuels, serve to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector. In combination with the expansion of electromobility, the greatest possible potential can be realised. In the medium term, climate-friendly fuels will make a fundamental contribution to decarbonising the global vehicle fleet.

In the future, the EAC would like to work together with the eFuel Alliance to strengthen the political and social acceptance of eFuels and to campaign for their approval.

EAC President Holger Küster is looking forward to the cooperation: "We are happy that the eFuel Alliance is joining the EAC as a new member, strengthening our voice in Brussels and supporting our work with great expertise and know-how. The eFuel Alliance is a strong partner that shares our convictions and is committed to the acceptance and approval of eFuels."

Ralf Diemer, Managing Director of the eFuel Alliance about the partnership: "As the representative of European consumers in road transport, the EAC has been acting as an important link between politics and society for many years. Together, we are able to create further awareness for the relevance of pragmatic climate protection and positively influence individual mobility of the future."


The eFuel Alliance is an interest group that campaigns for the political and social acceptance of eFuels and for their approval. We represent more than 170 companies, associations and consumer organisations along the value chain of eFuel production. We stand for fair competition and a level playing field for all relevant emission reduction solutions. We are clearly committed to more climate protection and want to ensure that the significant contribution of eFuels to sustainability and climate protection is widely recognised. Our goal is to enable the industrial production and widespread use of CO2-neutral fuels from renewable energy sources.

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The European Automobile Clubs (EAC) is an association of European automobile clubs and interest groups that advocates technology openness in motorised private transport and climate-friendly mobility at socially acceptable costs.


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European Automobile Clubs

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Senior Policy Officer

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