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The association „European Automobile Clubs asbl” (EAC) is a merger of six automobile clubs from four countries with head office in Brussels and a representation in Berlin.

These include ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr, ARCD Auto- und Reiseclub Deutschland and Kraftfahrer-Schutz e.V. from Germany, ARBÖ Auto-, Motor- und Radfahrerbund Österreichs from Austria, AKSR Autoklub Slovenskej Republiky from Slovakia and AMS RS Automobile and Motorcycle Association of the Republic of Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

As multinational, politically independent organisation, EAC represents the interests of approximately 3 million consumers vis-à-vis European institutions and political actors.


EAC advocates for borderless experienced mobility, open to technology, harmonisation  of traffic regulations, climate- and social-friendly mobility and enhance road safety.

Through concrete actions of our member clubs, we increase safety in multimodal road transport and are always looking for innovative solutions that improve and secure the daily life of European citizens on and next to the road.



We stand for multimodal, sustainable and innovative transport concepts and advocate for transport policy solutions addressing economic, social and environmental aspects in a balanced manner.

We clearly focus on the mobility needs of the people in Europe.

For us, all forms of mobility count - not only the car.

We advocate for more clarity in EU transport law and elaborate sustainable solutions for future changes in transport composition - to promote mobility in Europe.

We promote the introduction of a European toll system and the reduction of cross-border regulatory confusion.

As partner for mobility our vision is:

Making Europe a borderless (driving-) experience.

To achieve this, it is necessary to harmonise traffic regulations between EU member states and advance new and emerging technologies - for a more secure and sustainable, homogeneous European transport system. We interpret our role as interpreters in the dialogue between consumers and politics.

We want to anchor the importance of individual mobility even more firmly in the minds of politicians and citizens, improve the European framework conditions for the transport sector and make European transport policy comprehensible to everyone.



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