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Mobility concerns everyone and is a prerequisite for our socio-economic lives across internal borders.

As partner for mobility our vision is a borderless (driving-) experience through Europe.

We clearly focus on the individual mobility needs of the people.
For us all multimodal forms of mobility count - not only the car.

We want to anchor the importance of individual mobility even more firmly in the minds of citizens and politicians.
Because there`s no one solution fur future mobility, we are open to technology and support research for green mobility. 

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Our members ensure that you arrive safely at your destination in your car or caravan, provide assistance
with travel preparations and advises on the most important rules and obligations to your destination.

We advocate for the reduction of cross-border regulatory confusion promote the harmonisation of traffic regulations.

Europe-wide travel across internal borders must be uncomplicated and user-friendly. 

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Road safety is a major concern for our association.

EAC is committed to improving road safety across national borders and reducing the performance gap

between member states of the European Union - joint commitment is needed here.

As signatory of the European Road Safety Charter we fully support "Vision Zero".


Mobility must be safe through intelligent infrastructure, which protects vulnerable groups.


On and off the road our members are committed to ensuring road safety.

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