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Parliamentary Evening: "Sustainable and affordable mobility":
Call for technological openness and solutions for the existing fleet.

All new cars registered in Europe will be zero-emission by 2035, by 2050 all vehicles are to be zero emission. The current EU regulation focuses exclusively on tailpipe emissions. In fact, this means a ban on internal combustion... 


No mandatory health checks:
EAC welcomes EU driving license decision

To reduce the high number of traffic fatalities, the European Commission has proposed a revision of the driving license directive. The new EU driving license aims to improve road safety, ensure freedom of movement, harmonize...

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Obligatory medical checks for everyone:
EAC calls for an immediate turnaround on EU driving licences 

The EU Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism today voted on its draft report on the EU Driving Licences Directive. The compromise was narrowly adopted by a majority of one vote. Unlike the EU transport ministers...



More personal responsibility – less prohibitions:
EAC welcomes compromise for EU driving licence reform

EU transport ministers have agreed on a compromise for new driving license rules. In future, a medical self-assessment will be sufficient to renew a driving licence. Obligatory medical examinations of physical and mental...

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EU driving licence: EAC criticises disproportionate 
restrictions for novice and senior drivers

EU plans for a revision of the driving licence directive entail extensive changes for motorists. European Automobile Clubs (EAC) supports the efforts to improve road safety. However, the latest draft report...



With their respective membership, European Automobile Clubs and the eFuel Alliance welcome each other as new members. eFuels are made from hydrogen and a CO2 source. Unlike conventional fuels...

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Novice drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
joint commitment for road safety

In 2022 around 20,600 people were killed in road crashes in Europe – target is to halve the number of road deaths by 2030. However, progress is very uneven between Member States and candidate countries...



Infrastructure for alternative fuels:
one charging point every 60 km is not enough!

The European Commission and the European Parliament have agreed on binding targets for the development of alternative fuels infrastructure (AFIR) for cars and trucks. In future, drivers should be able to recharge their cars...



Model Austria - multiphase training for new drivers in Europe?

The EU Commission yesterday presented proposals to adapt driving licence rules and new provisions to facilitate the enforcement of traffic rules across borders. More than 20,000 lives were lost on EU roads last year...



Stubborn and anti-consumer:
the EU's fatal ban on combustion engines

Das EU-Parlament hat das Verbot von Neuzulassungen für Pkw mit Verbrennungsmotoren ab dem Jahr 2035 besiegelt. Der EAC zeigt sich enttäuscht von dieser  fatalen und verbraucherfeindlichen Fehlentscheidung...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina officially EU membership-candidate

With great pleasure, we welcome the decision of the European Union to accept Bosnia and Herzegovina as a candidate country. Together with our members and the AMS RS Automobile Club from the Republic of Srpska...



European Automobile Clubs with new leadership

EAC elects Holger Küster as new President. EAC European Automobile Clubs has a new presidency. At this year's autumn meeting, the representatives of the clubs from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Bosnia-Herzegovina...

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