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Holger Küster elected EAC Vice-President

Changes in the Executive Board of the European Automobile Clubs

At its most recent General Assembly in Brussels on 20 November 2019, EAC – an association of six automobile clubs from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Republic of Srpska –, has elected Holger Küster, CEO of the member club ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr, as Vice-President. The vote was unanimous; hence the 56-year-old German moves up into the Executive Board as Deputy of EAC President Bernd Opolka supporting the longtime EAC Vice-President Günther Schweitzer from the Austrian member club ARBÖ.

Upon his election Holger Küster declared: "I would like to extend my gratitude for the confidence you have placed in me and in return I will do everything in my power to ensure that EAC will represent in future the interests of its members organised in the European Clubs with a more vivacious and vigorous voice. After all, EAC acts for more than 3 million people. Our vision is more topical than ever: We want to make it possible to experience Europe without barriers in the sense of a modern, climate-friendly and affordable mobility. It is therefore important to harmonise traffic regulations between the EU Member States and to promote pathbreaking technologies for more safety and sustainability in the field of road transport."

As CEO of ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr, founded in 1962, Holger Küster heads a rapidly growing automobile club with more than 430,000 members. The EAC Executive Board will benefit from Holger Küster as a dynamic executive who is deeply dedicated to the European idea unfailingly fighting for freedom in regards to individual mobility. In this respect, ACV regularly takes stand in its communication, in interviews, round tables and campaigns.


Original text written in German by Gerrit Reichel, ACV, available here. Translation into English by Garunya Wieczorek, EAC.


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