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EAC welcomes Parliament’s course to strengthen consumer rights and fair competition

This Tuesday the members of the TRAN committee voted with a large majority in favour of the initiative report on the European C-ITS strategy that calls for a legislative proposal on access to in-vehicle data by the end of the year. The report stresses explicitly the necessity of a fair, timely and unrestricted access in order to protect consumer rights. “This is an important and positive signal not only for car drivers, but also for third party providers of car-related services", comments EAC’s President Bernd Opolka.

However, there is a small drawback. „Unfortunately the report does not contain any framework specifications on how access to in-vehicle data should be handled from the financial point of view. Recently various options have been discussed, ranging from non-monetized access to access in return for excessive charges, which prevent small service providers from entering the market. Therefore, it is now up to the Commission to find a solution in order to guarantee a non-discriminatory access and fair competition for all market players”, states Opolka.

The report is tabled for the vote in plenary in mid-March.


EAC Press Release (PDF), 20 February 2018.


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