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eFuels agreement

EU agrees to exempt e-fuels from 2035 ban on new sales of combustion-engine cars. This is the agreement between EU Commission and German Government.

Holger Küster, EAC President welcomes the compromise:

"Recognising e-fuels as an additional option is a first step back in the right direction - also with regard to solutions for the current stock, which are hardly considered in current debates."

At the same time, Küster cautions:

"It remains to be seen whether the exemptions for e-fuels can be legally implemented and which vehicles the EU´s proposal will apply to and whether there will be a majority for in the EU Parliament and Council. In the interest of all those involved, we need clarity and legal certainty as soon as possible."


The European Automobile Clubs (EAC) is an association of six European automobile clubs. The EAC is clearly in favour of technology openness and -neutrality in motorised individual transport. Therefore, the EAC supports research and further development of alternative drives and rejects a political focus on specific individual technologies. Climate neutrality in Europe can only be achieved with the help of different technologies.


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