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European Automobile Clubs (EAC) welcome new member

The automobile and motorcycle club of the Republic of Srpska (AMS RS) broadens membership base as of June 2017.

The European Automobile Club Association (EAC) is pleased to welcome the automobile and motorcycle club of the Republic of Srpska (AMS RS) as a new member. “The AMS RS joining our ranks further strengthens our resolve to work towards the realisation of our goals for the benefit of all road users from all regions of Europe,” commented EAC President Bernd Opolka. “Our new member gives us an even broader platform for our campaign to harmonise EU legislation on road traffic to achieve mobility which is safer, user-friendly, economically efficient and, not least, sustainable.”

In future, under the EAC umbrella, automobile clubs from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Republic of Srpska will be combining their efforts to promote mobility on Europe’s roads.

The European Automobile Clubs (EAC) association represents the interests of around three million road users. As a partner for mobility, our vision is to promote mobility and open up Europe’s roads. To achieve this aim, it is necessary to harmonise the road traffic provisions between EU states and encourage innovative technologies – for greater road safety and sustainable mobility solutions. 


EAC Press Release (PDF), 12 June 2017.


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