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European Automobile Clubs with new leadership

EAC elects Holger Küster as new President

Brussels, 9 November 2021 - The EAC (European Automobile Clubs), Europe's association of currently six automobile clubs from four countries, has a new presidency. At this year's autumn meeting, the representatives of the clubs from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Bosnia-Herzegovina elected Holger Küster from the ACV as the new president for the next three years. Günther Schweizer from ARBÖ was confirmed in office as Vice-President. Ole Eilers from Automobilclub KS e.V. was newly elected as the second Vice-President. The election took place unanimously during a hybrid event on 21 October in Vienna. The ARCD representatives participated via video transmission, all other clubs were present on site.

The new EAC Presidium: Ole Eilers (KS), Holger Küster (ACV), Günther Schweizer (ARBÖ)

Holger Küster replaces Bernd Opolka, who has led the EAC as President since 2010 and was no longer available for re-election. Küster has been managing director of the ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr since 2018 and has already been a member of the EAC presidium since 2019, when the EAC elected him as vice-president. He would like to position the EAC more broadly in the coming years and attract new members. The challenges of the transport turnaround require more than ever a strong representation of citizens across Europe, for them a responsible transport policy is more important than ever. Küster: "Climate-friendly mobility must not become a luxury. Issues such as CO2 pricing, charging infrastructure or tolls concern everyone, transnationally. The EAC will work for harmonization in the interest of its members, for example hardly comprehensible rules for environmental zones or the charging standards for electric cars in Europe. We will not only contribute new impulses here through our contacts to the Transport Committee of the Parliament." Küster thus also underlined the importance of the EAC as multinational organization above party politics with headquarter in Brussels. The three German clubs ARCD, ACV and Automobilclub KS belong to the EAC, as well as the Austrian ARBÖ, the AKSR from Slovakia and the AMSRS from the autonomous Republic of Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The EAC representatives at the autumn meeting in Vienna: Gerrit Reichel, Bernd Opolka, Perica Pećanac, Ole Eilers, Zoran Stevanović, František Bizoň, Holger Küster, Günther Schweizer, Štefan Mihálik, Predrag Likokur, Martin Filzen


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