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Report on odometer manipulation: swift measures required

This Wednesday members of the TRAN committee voted with a large majority in favor of MEP Ismail Ertug’s (S&D) report on odometer manipulation. „Congratulations to Mr Ertug on his sound and successful initiative that constitutes a crucial and long overdue step in the fight against odometer fraud. Every single year, economic cost for consumers run into billions of euros because of mileage manipulation. With the report’s recommendations there is a variety of measures offering both far-reaching and short-term solutions”, comments EAC President Bernd Opolka.

In addition to the compulsory use of ‘Hardware Security Modules’ (HSM) in new cars, the report proposes the introduction of databases where mileage data shall be recorded and made available to consumers all over Europe. Furthermore, and considering the long-term perspective, it recommends to analyze possible applications of connected car services and blockchain technology in order to further develop the database solution, and to evolve an efficient, save and cost-effective instrument. “It is essential to promote a European approach. With regard to cross-border trade, where up to 50 percent of second-hand cars have tampered mileage, national attempts are not expedient”, Opolka stresses.

However, the financial loss for car buyers is not the only reason why action is required. Odometer manipulation has also a huge impact on road safety, Opolka points out: “Tampered mileage leads to wrong assumptions of the vehicle condition and the required maintenance. As a result, manipulated cars are a threat for all road users, and odometer fraud is not a minor offence but criminal. Now it is up to the Commission to react. We need a legislative proposal before the end of this mandate.”

The report will be debated in plenary by the end of May.


EAC Press Release (PDF), 27 April 2018.


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