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Visit from New Zealand - exchange of best practices for road safety

Senior Constable Kim Munro from the New Zealand Strategic Traffic Unit visits the ARBÖ Driving Safety Centre in Vienna.

Kim Munro from New Zealand is a passionate traffic police officer and 2023 Fellow of the Woolf Fisher Police Fellowship Programme. The programme annually awards selected police officers for their outstanding performance and commitment to the New Zealand Police with funding for international travel and study. The primary purpose of the Fellowship is to promote better and more efficient policing.

Senior Constable Kim Munro, who has dedicated the majority of her Policing career to road policing is fully aware of the tragic impact of traffic accidents. She is also personally affected - having lost her family in a traffic accident on a railway crossing that left her an orphan at age of 6yrs. This is one of the reasons she is committed to ensuring road safety. As a 2023 Fellow, Kim has indicated a desire to study European road safety prevention and enforcement initiatives to prevent death, serious injury and trauma.

During her trip across Europe to study different approaches to increase road safety, she also stopped in Vienna to learn more about Austria's multi-level education for novice drivers and measures to increase road safety and prevent accidents. At the invitation of the automobile club ARBÖ, she visited the ARBÖ Driving Safety Centre in Vienna.

After a tour of the site and a discussion of the contents and benefits of the required second training phase for novice drivers, it was time to get behind the wheel:

Under the guidance of Chief instructor Daniel Lindinger, Kim was able to take part in a Class B driving safety training and learned about the benefits of economical driving during a classic ECO drive.

A valuable experience for Kim Munro:

"It was a privilege to experience the Driving Safety Centre and all it has to offer. I found the students were fully engaged during the two days of observation and participation, which I believe was due to the professional instructors who really showed how much they care about road safety."

The Automobile Club ARBÖ would like to thank Mrs Munro for her visit and for the opportunity to contribute to road safety across borders.

“As member of European Automobile Clubs, we are proud and grateful that we were able to contribute to cross-border road safety within the framework of a fellowship programme."

Günther Schweizer, Managing Director of ARBÖ Fahrsicherheit & EAC Vice-President

fr. l. Sebastian Graf, Instructor ARBÖ Fahrsicherheit; Daniel Lindinger, Chief instructor ARBÖ Fahrsicherheit; Kim Munro, Senior Constable Strategic Traffic Unit Rangiora


More about the person Kim Munro and her commitment:

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