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Bosnia and Herzegovina officially EU membership-candidate

With great pleasure, we welcome the decision of the European Union to accept Bosnia and Herzegovina as a candidate country.

Together with our members and the AMS RS Automobile Club from the Republic of Srpska, we are strengthening road safety with the aim of reducing the number of road fatalities and are continuously fighting to ensure that motorists in Bosnia and Herzegovina have the same rights as motorists from European member states.

As a member of the EAC, the AMS RS plays a key role in improving road safety on the ground and provides services for European citizens.

To finish the new border crossing and the motorway section in the bottleneck of Gradiska is very important, because currently motorists and especially truck drivers have to wait many hours to cross the border. 105 kilometres of the new, modern motorway, already built in Republika Srpska, connects the larger towns of Banja Luka and Doboj with the EU external border in Gradiska. The motorway network meets the highest safety standards for all road users, still lacking is the completion of the connecting route between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We are in lively exchange with our member AMS RS and local political officials to strengthen mobility and connectivity beyond the still existing EU border.

(f.l.) Secretary General of the AMS RS, Zoran Stevanović; Martin Filzen, EAC; Director of the Traffic Safety Agency of Serbia, Branko Stamatović; Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Srpska, Nedeljko Ćorić; Director of the Traffic Safety Agency of Republic of Srpska, Mladen Petrović; President of the board of directors of the AMS RS, Ranko Babić.; President of the supervisory board of the AMS RS, Jovan Kovačević

As a European mobility association, we hope to welcome our friends from Banja Luka soon as members of the European Union.


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