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EAC starts the year with a new appearance

New Year, New Design!

The association „European Automobile Clubs” (EAC), a merger of six automobile clubs, starts the year 2023 with a new appearance:

We are proud to announce the relaunch of our logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our association.

New EAC-Logo

To achieve the ambitious climate goals of the European Union, we need a change in the transport sector and a networking of all means of transport. We need better cooperation in road traffic and a more effective coordination of the different means of transport in the multimodal mix. Regardless of whether it's by car, bike, train or plane, or focus is on the mobility needs of the people in Europe. Only together we can have a real impact. Together with new members and partners from the mobility sector, we want to contribute to achieve these goals.

Why is our new logo blue?

The color blue and the yellow stars are inspired by the colors of the European Union. As multinational, politically independent organization, we represent the interests of around 3 million consumers vis-à-vis EU institutions and political actors.

Our vision is, and remains: Making Europe a safe, borderless experience, harmonize traffic regulations between EU member states and multimodal, sustainable and innovative transport concepts. The number of road fatalities must and can be reduced further.


Do you want to join us on our journey?

If your organization is interested in becoming a member or cooperation partner, please contact us.


Martin Filzen

T +32 2 808 82 09

M +49 152 346 375 61


Please find our new logo here for download:

Please note the rights of use of the EAC image material:

The EAC, as the originator of the image material offered here, grants you the right to use the graphics free of charge in the context of editorial reporting on the EAC. The images may be reproduced and published for this purpose. Under no circumstances may the image statement be altered. Any commercial use of the pictures is prohibited. The source "European Automobile Clubs" must be cited in all publications.

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