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MEPs: Exclusion of low-carbon fuels

Against the background of the planned revision of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, a group of 88 MEPs have joined environmental NGOs and the renewable energy industry to demand the exclusion of low-carbon fossil fuels from the directive.

In their mutual letter to the European Commission, the MEPs – mostly Greens, United Left–Nordic Green Left and Social Democrats in the European Parliament as well as the centrist Renew Europe group - argue that the current intention to broaden the scope of the Directive beyond renewables is counter-productive and risks promoting the very fossil fuels thatrenewables should be displacing in Europe’s energy system, as defined in the European Commission’s long-term strategy. Non- renewable and low-carbon fuels, including so- called ‘low carbon’ fossil fuels, should not be included in any provision under the Renewable Energy Directive nor should they count towards the EU’s binding 2030 renewable energy target. This will generate significant public confusion and undermine trust in the EU’s renewable energy policy which is key to leveraging one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy.

The revision process of the Renewable Energy Directive is expected to begin in June.


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