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Road Charging: EAC's Feedback on EC's Draft Implementation Regulation

On 9 August 2019, the one-month feedback period for the European Commission's draft act on road charging specifying the requirements on electronic toll service providers came to a close. The European Automobile Clubs asbl seized the opportunity to be part of this important policy-making process referring to its recent position paper on passanger car tolls:

Uniform Car Toll Rules for the Single European Transport Area. In particular, EAC did not refrain from pinpointing at the menaces inherent to electronic toll systems that “collect large amounts of data to identify and locate vehicles that could be used to create movement and behavourial profiles of the vehicle and driver. Strict rules are therefore required on the use and storage of vehicle data, moreover appropriate technical specifications such as safe encryption become indispensable.


Further details: - Overview about this EC initiative, see in particular the draft implementing regulation and annex.


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